We are proud to offer in-house alloy wheel repair and refurbish from Diamond Cutting to a full colour change on standard paint alloys.

We all know alloy wheels are one of the most sensitive areas of a car and the quickest to get damaged from general driving. This wear and tear on the alloys can become very apparent and can really change the overall look of the car so we recommend getting them refurbished to keep the car at a high standard and maintain your vehicles value.

Our Process:

  • Wheels are cleaned to remove any dirt, grime or tar. We can then inspect the wheels for any damage

  • The wheels will then be chemically stripped in a specialized tank to strip off any existing paint and lacquer from the wheel

  • We then carry out any repair work needed on the alloy, this could be repairing light scratches by using abrasive discs or welding and reshaping any deeper scuffs

  • The next stage is to sand blast the wheels to completely remove anything off the wheel and create a smooth surface ready for paint

  • Primer is then applied and prepared for paint

  • Colour is then applied to the alloys from inside and out. If you are looking for a change on your car feel free to have a look at our colour swatches in the body shop and select any colour for a fresh look!

  • If the alloys are diamond cut then at this stage they would be put into our CNC- Lathe machine for precision cutting leaving a high cut shiny finish

  • Lacquer will then be applied and wheel is returned to the oven for curing

  • Final inspection of the wheels is carried out, once we are satisfied we will fit the tyres and valves back on. We will also balance the wheels to ensure the perfect weight to create a comfortable drive